Helping the Underserved

UC Davis Medical Center

A core part of UC Davis Health's mission is to increase the health of the community overall, and we have many programs that work to increase health care services available for all patients – whether they are uninsured, have Medi-Cal or need the highest levels of expert care available.

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Eileen Morley, assistant director of emergency medicine at Adventist Health and Rideout Hospital

Treating substance use disorder in California emergency departments

Offering prescription medicine to quell opiate withdrawal and on-site counselors in the emergency department is helping patients with addictions get into recovery programs in their own communities. READ MOREarrow

Sneezing and runny nose are common symptoms of seasonal allergies

Tips to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms

Seasonal allergies can cause many irritating symptoms such as headache, sneezing, stuffed nose and asthma. Allergist Rosemary Hallett recommends ways to reduce these symptoms and possible allergy treatment options. READ MOREarrow

First T-Cell therapy patient

First CAR T therapy patient hopeful after struggle with stubborn lymphoma

Bobby Hughes doesn’t complain much, but truth be told, he’s been clobbered, as his wife, Jerri says. The first shot was an aggressive lymphoma. Then he was hit with blood poisoning, bowel surgery, cancer recurrence, and finally kidney failure, from which he recovered. READ MOREarrow

Dr. Mell in surgery

New carotid artery disease treatment reduces stroke risk

Johanna Keys has survived some major transitions, including cancer, widowhood and, years ago, immigration to a new country. Those experiences made the 89-year-old Newcastle resident “pretty fearless,” she says, except when it comes to stroke — the condition that killed her father when she was very young. READ MOREarrow

Paella at Farm to Fork event

Good food is good medicine

In an effort to bring locally sourced food to its patients and employees, UC Davis Health's Food and Nutrition team has set its sights on a farm-to-fork menu in which meals are created with food brought in from the greater Sacramento region. READ MOREarrow

Leonard Monaco

A new life with Parkinson's

If someone described Len Monaco in one word 10 years ago, it would be “tough.” But that changed when he found out he had Parkinson’s disease. Today, a technology known as deep brain stimulation, or DBS, helps control his symptoms and has given him back his life. READ MOREarrow

Collage of Jordan as a child ©Photo courtesy of Jordan’s Guardian Angels Foundation

On a mission: $12 million state appropriation earmarked for Jordan's syndrome

It started with one dad’s quest to help his daughter, Jordan, who began missing major developmental milestones and showed signs of autism spectrum disorder before age 1. It wasn’t until her whole genome was mapped in 2014 at age 9 that they found the cause: a random mutation of a single nucleotide in Jordan’s DNA. READ MOREarrow

Sign by a grassy field alerts pedestrians to watch out for rattlesnakes to prevent snake bites.

Six tips for preventing snake bites

UC Davis Health provides six tips on preventing snake bites. READ MOREarrow


Be Safe In the Sun

In California, where fun in the sun is a way of life, teens love to hang out at the beach or by the pool to beat the summer sizzle. READ MOREarrow