Socially Responsible Surgery (SRS) has the goal of improving surgical equity and patient outcomes. First conceived at Boston University and now expanding to UC Davis Health, SRS creates research and educational initiatives tailored to our unique community. UC Davis Medical Center treats a diverse group of patients, both rural and urban from Northern California and surrounding states. Admission to a surgical service is often the first point of care for many under- or uninsured patients in this large region. This offers exciting opportunities for residents and attendings to devise and implement cutting edge research and educational studies, while advocating for surgical equity in Northern California.
  To learn more about the programs foundation read how Socially Responsible Surgery is Creating a Home for Public Health and Advocacy in Surgery.

Chapter Leadership 


 Kara T. Kleber, M.D., M.A.
 Dr. Kleber is interested in improving surgical outcomes
 in patients with low medical literacy

 M. Siobhan Luce, M.D.

 Rachel Ekaireb, M.D.



 Diana Farmer, M.D., F.A.C.S
 Chair and Pearl Stamps Stewart Professor
  Department of Surgery

  Ho H. Phan, M.D.
  Associate Professor of Surgery

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SRS is engaged in research to better understand surgical care needs, access and inequalities.

  • Identify barriers to proper surgical care and follow-up
  • Study effectiveness of proposed interventions for at-risk patients
  • Education & Advocacy
    • Discuss how disparities apply specifically to surgical patients
    • Design education materials for patients with low medical literacy

Support policy initiatives beneficial to the populations served by UC Davis Medical Center

  • ED Utilization of violently injured patients, identifying risk factors for mortality and morbidity after discharge.
  • Discharge of trauma patients with chronic medical diagnoses as an opportunity to improve transitions of care, facilitating long-term management and access to social service resources post hospitalization.
  • Andrew Li, Assistant Professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery is the co-founder of which distributes unused and unexpired medical supplies form private donors to community clinics and health centers in the greater Los Angeles area
  • Medical Student Patient Advocacy Project - empowering first year medical students to take an active role in the care of our surgical patients by providing additional education and information regarding their post-operative care  

For upcoming events, programs and symposia please visit our Twitter page @UCDavisSRS for announcements. 

Past Events:

September 25, 2019 SRS Introduction Panel
July 9, 2019 SRS Founding Director, Tracey Dechert, M.D. Grand Rounds Presentation
June 25, 2019 SRS and the UC Davis Health Wraparound Program