About the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis

The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis seeks to transform health care through nursing education and research. Through nursing leadership, the school advances health, improves quality of care and health outcomes, and informs health policy. Individuals interested in promoting a visionary and innovative program are encouraged to join a team of dedicated individuals who work to understand what people want to lead healthy lives, identify tools to enable them to manage their health and design systems that empower them to accomplish individualized health goals. The School of Nursing is part of UC Davis Health, an integrated, academic health system encompassing UC Davis School of Medicine, the 619-bed-acute-care hospital and clinical services of UC Davis Medical Center and the 800-member physician group known as the UC Davis Medical Group.

Clinician educator (assistant/associate clinical faculty)
The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing seeks visionary master’s-degree or doctorally prepared physician assistants and nurse practitioners to join our faculty and provide clinical care as well as education. These clinical educators play a hands-on role in the development of high-impact and interprofessional programs at our innovative, new school while they also provide care.

Part-time clinical instructors
The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing seeks part-time instructors to teach clinical rotations for the Master’s Entry Program in Nursing. Clinical instruction takes place in locations throughout the region that meet the Board of Registered Nursing requirements. Clinical instructors must be registered nurses who earned master’s degrees — with either the bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in nursing. The school seeks clinical expertise in all areas: medical-surgical, pediatrics, women’s health (OB), geriatrics, mental health and community health.
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UC Davis has a long history of integrating clinical preceptorship with classroom education. The School of Nursing welcomes inquiries from potential preceptors in community settings who are interested in taking part in the education of physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Sites can be rural or urban located anywhere throughout California. Potential preceptors may contact the school directly to obtain a preceptor application or learn more. School of Nursing representatives evaluate and make decisions on the approval of all clinical sites. For more information, click here.

Volunteer clinical faculty
The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis values volunteer clinical faculty as important partners in education. These individuals play a significant role in the mission to transform health care through nursing education, research and leadership. Volunteer clinical faculty are community volunteers who teach and precept School of Nursing students in various health-care and community settings. The appointment constitutes a valuable way to utilize a volunteer’s interest on a part-time, non-salaried, voluntary basis in the areas of teaching, system-change research and clinical expertise. For more information, click here.

Heather M. Young Postdoctoral Fellowship in Healthy Aging
The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis recruits scholars for the Heather M. Young Postdoctoral Fellowship each spring. Scholars with research interests in family caregiving, development of technology to promote healthy aging as well as community-based approaches to improving quality of life and care for older adults are especially sought. Up to three fellows are admitted each year. Fellowships are for one year with possible renewal for a second year. The fellowship program is sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in recognition of the school’s founding dean, Heather M. Young (2008-2018), and her career-long commitment to healthy aging. The fellowship was created to further advance the school’s ongoing healthy aging research and also prepare future faculty to teach and continue research in healthy aging. Scholars receive an annual salary based on the National Institutes for Health postdoctoral salary scale, University of California benefits and additional support funds for research and professional development. Review application details.

Advanced NP-PRACTICE Residency
The NP-PRACTICE Residency is designed to support new graduate N.P.s in the critical first year as they transition into practice. The 12-month, full-time, limited-term appointment and training opportunity is now open for applications through Jan. 6. 2020.

Instructional Designer
The School of Nursing instructional designer works with more than 35 faculty instructors of record, School of Nursing leadership and more than 20 education staff to design innovative curricula across all current and proposed School of Nursing graduate degree programs. The designer leads and manages the online courses for the future growth of the school. Working closely with the assistant dean for education and appropriate program directors, the designer provides expert recommendations based on evidence-based approaches and emerging technologies in the field. 
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Policy Analyst
The policy analyst is part of a team responsible for implementing two grant activities, the System-transforming, Patient-centered Longitudinal Interprofessional Community-based Education (SPLICE) project and the Advanced Nurse Practitioner Primary Care Residency in Addiction, Chronic care, Telehealth, Improvement science, Collaboration and Equity (Advanced NP PRACTICE). SPLICE is a collaborative practice curriculum for PA, FNP and medical students and Pharmacy and Medical residents. Advanced NP-PRACTICE equips new primary care nurse practitioners (NP) with the ability to provide excellent primary care services to patients in under-resourced areas through a comprehensive clinical residency program that expands and enhances NP clinical knowledge and skills. The analyst is responsible for the daily operational needs and curriculum and training activities. 
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Curriculum Operations Manager
The curriculum operations manager leads the School of Nursing curriculum and technology team, a unit of the education team, to provide high-level project management for diverse and fast-paced deliverables related to the ongoing operations of the school’s curriculum. The incumbent provides centralized management, administration and analysis for the infrastructure of the graduate-level courses and curriculum offered both in-person and online. This role is responsible for oversight, mentoring and daily management of the team that provides curriculum services for all school graduate degree programs.
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Center for Advancing Pain Relief Research Analyst
The Center for Advancing Pain Relief research analyst is responsible for writing contract and grant proposals, coordinating research and concept development, grant management and other advancement activities. This position provides program support to advance the portfolio of education, research and policy programs that advance interprofessional plan management education and practice. A collaboration of the Schools of Nursing and Medicine, the Center for Advancing Pain Relief (CAPR) is built upon the foundational work completed at UC Davis that sought to redefine the fundamental building blocks of pain education.
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