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Walk-in flu vaccinations for UC Davis patients

To inquire about the current availability of walk-in flu vaccinations, please contact your UC Davis clinic. To learn more about vaccinations and influenza, visit the links on this page.


Click the photo buttons below to learn more about strategies and efforts to prevent and manage influenza's spread — and actions you can take to help avoid or deal with infection.

Flu shot

Vaccination Info for Patients
According to the CDC, the flu vaccine is the first and most important step in protecting against flu infection. It is important to get vaccinations when they are available, although supplies are sometimes limited. Read more


Hand washing

Flu Prevention Tips
No single action will provide complete protection from influenza, but taking a combination of careful personal steps can help decrease the likelihood of transmission. View a list of quick tips



If You Have Flu-like Symptoms
The most important thing for a person with the flu is to try not to pass it on to someone else. However, there are specific situations where you or a loved one should be sure to call or see a doctor. Read more.



Our Safety Measures
UC Davis Health’s highest priority is the safety of its patients, employees, students and visitors. The health system maintains rigorous infection-control policies, and also has specific procedures in place for responding to public-health emergencies. Read more



Fighting Infectious Diseases
Infectious-disease experts from UC Davis Health work closely with federal, state and local officials to monitor and manage the spread of flu among humans. Activities include infectious disease planning, surveillance, and hospital infection-control preparedness, among others. Read more



More Resources
Links to more flu information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization, Sacramento County Public Health and other sources. Read more