The workshops below may be of particular interest for clinical faculty. However, all faculty are welcome to attend.

Communication with Angry Patients Through Deescalation (online)

Patients in the health care setting sometimes experience anxiety for a variety of reasons. A newly diagnosed illness, separation from loved ones, threat associated with diagnostic tests or surgical procedures, and expectations of life changes are just a few factors that cause anxiety. How successfully a patient copes with anxiety depends, in part, on previous experiences, the presence of other stressors, the significance of the event causing anxiety, and the availability of supportive resources. The nurse can be a support to the patient. The nurse helps to decrease anxiety through effective communication. Communication methods reviewed in this skill will assist the nurse in helping an anxious patient to clarify factors causing anxiety and to cope more effectively. There are four stages of anxiety with corresponding behavioral manifestations: mild, moderate, severe, and panic.

Estimated duration: 30 Minute

Audience: All faculty

Training organization: UC Davis Health Center for Professional Practice of Nursing

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