Data Tools

Transforming data into information that creates knowledge and actionable insights requires analysis and understanding data from patient records, clinical operations, and other sources. IT Health Informatics provides secure environments with comprehensive, innovative tools for using our data.

Tableau Data Visualization and Dashboarding

Tableau Data Visualization and Dashboarding – Business intelligence software that helps people visualize and understand their data from diverse sources. Used to develop and distribute dashboards to assist business managers in their work.

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Cohort Discovery

Researchers use the Cohort Discovery tool to identify populations of patients who have received care at UC Davis Health and may be appropriate for a research study. The tool allows users to explore and adjust possible inclusion and exclusion criteria to assess the size and availability of suitable populations. To find out more about Cohort Discovery, including training and use requirements, see CTSC Biomedical Informatics

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Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap)

Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) – A modern, secure software application for building and managing online clinical research databases and survey forms. To learn more about REDCap, please request a consult.

Business Objects

(Crystal, Web Intelligence) Tools for reporting and creating views of data using a drag and drop toolset and universes that simplify the creation and distribution of actionable information.

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Reporting data 

Epic EHR Hyperspace

For users of Epic, UC Davis Health’s Electronic Health Records, custom real-time dashboards and actionable patient lists can be accessed through Reporting Workbench and Radar Dashboards.

UC Davis EHR

Due to the sensitive nature of their content the clinical databases require strict access control. Access is based on a user’s role within the health system and their qualifications to work with the data. Clarity access requires Clarity Data Model certification or proficiency from Epic. Caboodle Data Warehouse access requires Caboodle Development certification or proficiency from Epic.

UC Davis EHR DataPATH (de-identified)

DataPATH is a legally de-identified database that has been extracted from standardized EHR data. UC Davis Health system researchers can access the data without IRB approval in a secure computational environment. A variety of tool options can be provided (e.g., SQL, R, SAS, Python) to query the data. Upon IRB approval, the analytical programs written against DataPATH data can be run on the fully identified EHR data. A companion data explorer environment built with Tableau visualization tools will be available soon.