Twitter and Facebook feeds use trackers, which Firefox blocks by default. The feeds will not show and a blank box will be presented instead. The shield icon appears in the address bar when Firefox is actively blocking content on a page.

View feeds by turning off blocking for a specific domain. Click on the shield icon in the address bar and turn off tracking protection in the Control Center panel.

  1. Select the shield icon Address bar shield or the information icon site info icon to expand the Control Center panel.
    content blocking panel
  2. Click the Disable protection for this site button from a normal browsing window to disable blocking for the website.
    If you're in a private window, click the Disable protection for this session button.
    Once content blocking is disabled, a shield icon with a strikethrough shield icon strikethrough will appear in your address bar.
  3. To turn content blocking back on, expand the Control Center panel by clicking the shield or the site information button and click the Enable protection button.